How does work? We wanted to create a comprehensive guide to help you get the best out of your Free Picks or Paid Picks Membership.

We would like to give you a brief overview of our services, different types of picks that we release, member communications, what to expect and how to generally get the most out of your membership.

Official Selections:

Official Selections refer to all of our picks that we release to our paid members. These are the plays that were singled out by our simulations and also were confirmed after the reality check process by our Vegas experts.

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Release Times:

Official Selections are typically released by 6 AM ET every day. During the week, it might be as late as 4 PM ET for the release time but this is very rare . Saturday-Sunday picks are guaranteed to be released by 6 AM ET. We also guarantee, under any circumstances, that you will have at least 3 hours before the start of any game that we release a pick for. Occasionally, we will have early releases particularly when we anticipate significant line changes. Free picks are released latest by 6 AM ET every day.

How do I get my picks?:

After you sign-up, you will have instant access to the Member’s Section where you can view that day’s selections immediately. We will also e-mail you every day as soon as the Official Selections are released. It’s critical that you add to your safe senders. If you have Gmail, please make sure to check your promotions tab and move our e-mail to your main inbox. Please note that there are no practical methods for us to ensure e-mail delivery as this completely depends on your ISP’s discretion. Therefore, please make sure that you can login to the Member’s Section and view your picks on our site -just in case.

Play the Entire Card:

Our method of handicapping is based on playing the entire card for each day, regardless of the unit suggestions. The most common mistake we see some of our new members make is that they only bet the higher rated picks. Any pick can and will lose any day.

We had Saturdays where both 3 Star picks lost but all of the other 1 and 2 Stars won. It’s not common but it happens. Don’t go for the big kill at one shot, it usually doesn’t end well. Play the entire card, have realistic expectations and you will actually enjoy building your bankroll week by week.

We provide MLB Picks, NFL Picks, NBA Picks,NCAAB Picks and NCAAF Picks

Sports We Cover

We issue the following type of Official Selections for each league/sport that we cover:

College Football Picks:

All College Football picks are rated 1, 2 or 3 Stars. “Stars” simply refer to Units. Your unit size depends on your bankroll and the amount of risk you prefer to take. Our general recommendation is that 1 unit should equal to 1% of your bankroll for sound money management. Remember that on a typical regular season College Football Saturday, you may have over 15 units in play in one day –hence the need for strict bankroll management.

NFL Picks:

NFL picks are rated 1 to 2 Stars. Up until 2013, we also issued 3 Star picks for NFL. However, the long term testing proved that a 1-2 Star system provided better returns in NFL.

College Basketball Picks:

College Basketball picks are rated 1 or 2 Stars. 2 Star College Basketball picks are called “Slam Dunk” picks.

NBA Picks:

NBA picks are rated 1 or 2 Stars. 2 Star NBA plays are called “Slam Dunk” picks.

MLB Picks:

MLB picks are rated 1 or 2 Stars. 2 Star MLB picks are called “Home Run” picks.

Parlay Alert: When we have a high level of confidence in 2 games being played on the same day or ATS & Total for the same game, we occasionally release Parlay Alerts. Parlay Alerts are rated as 1 unit with a typical payout off 292 for a 110 bet (this can vary in MLB when money line plays are picked).


Recommendations are plays that barely missed being an Official Selection but we still find small value in. We don’t include Recommendations in our records, win or lose. Recommendations can be issued for any league/sport.

What to expect from our sports betting picks?

What to expect?

After handicapping literally tens of thousands of football, basketball and baseball games for nearly 20 years, we now have a very good sense of what to realistically expect in terms of our performance. We have seen it all; miraculous comebacks, last second surprises, dropped balls, bad calls, you name it. The below are the generalizations as to how we saw our performance break down in the past for extended periods (weeks and months). Clearly, anything can happen in a given day. We will have days where we will sweep the boards with ease, yet we will have other days where we will struggle to win one game. There is no preventing these extremes. It’s just the nature of sports betting. You need to be ready and prepared for the daily rollercoaster ride by managing your bankroll intelligently.

Figure all that in, this is what you should generally expect in terms of our performance:

Easy Winners (35% of all picks):

This is where a game goes exactly the way we envisioned for an easy win. About 1 out 3 picks will fall into this category. Enjoy them, they are very fun.

Easy Losers (25% of all picks):

The game plays out the complete opposite way from the way we predict it. These are the picks where you will be saying: “What were they thinking?” Get used to them; they are inevitable no matter how hard anyone tries to cover every single angle to a game. Shocking surprises and complete meltdowns are a natural part of sports betting. If you manage your money well, these will be nothing but speed bumps until the next win. Any pick can lose; 3 Stars will lose, Slam Dunks will lose. It’s critical that you set your expectations right not only for your bankroll but also for your mental health.

Close Games (40% of all picks):

Close games are the ones that keep you at the edge of your seat with the win (or loss) being within the reach at any given time. Our goal is to cash at least half of these games to get our win ratio to a minimum 55%. Historically, we have won more than half of the 40% (24% to be exact). Hence, our all-time win record is just about 59%.

Keep in mind that this is for all picks, all ratings and all sports. Our higher rated picks have had consistent 60%+ win ratios over the years.

Needless to say, we –or no one else for that matter- will not know for sure which of these three categories a given game will fall until it plays out. Unpredictability is what makes sports investing fun and frustrating at the same time. Think like a pro, manage your money well, don’t take bad days personally, keep the long-term focus and you can do very well in this always fascinating endeavor.

We have an awesome support team that will go above and beyond to guide you

Member Communications

The absolute fastest way to get a hold of us is through e-mail. Simply e-mail us at: with any questions, day or night. If you like to chat over the phone, please e-mail us your phone number and the best time to call. We will be happy to call you just as soon as we can.

Please note that it might take us over an hour to call you back particularly during peak times, therefore we strongly suggest emailing us with any urgent requests.

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