Sports betting is a bi-polar experience. Some days, you will feel like you are a superhero with every game going your way, the next day you will feel like the world is against you with an organized effort to make sure you don’t win and you will want to crawl under a rock. With so many games being played, so much to research and endless angles you can look at for each game, how can you make sure you can actually get an edge and win consistently? We are hoping to provide a guide to help you maximize your winnings with sports betting picks.

We have had the pleasure of handicapping every single college and pro game for nearly 20 seasons. Our clients have ranged from Wall Street investment funds to occasional $10/unit bettors. Thousands that come from over 170 countries visit our site every week. As a team, we learned endless valuable lessons over the years and we are happy to share some of our observations here with you.

Whether you are a newcomer to sports betting or a long-time sports investor, we hope that the following guide can give you a good summary of basic concepts that can improve your win rates and also explain how to make the best use of your membership at

having a long term focus is very important in sports betting picks

Have a long-term focus

Yes, we know; “long term” is boring. We want to cash those tickets and we want it today! The reality is that if you are planning to bet the rent money on that “Lock of the Century”, we wish you the best of luck but we are nearly certain it is not going to end well. There is a reason why Vegas can build a replica of the Eiffel Tower…

The only proven way to actually be profitable in sports betting is to think like a professional and take the emotion out of your decision-making process. You need a very thick skin; remember: even if you are the best handicapper in the world, you are going to lose at least 40% of all your sports betting picks- no matter how well they are researched and how confident you are. That’s just the nature of the beast. “The right pick” doesn’t always win. If you are not ready for bad days- both emotionally and budget-wise-, this could be a very frustrating experience. However, if you have the right mindset, realistic expectations, and the proper budget, sports wagering can be enormously fun and financially lucrative.

See it very similar to investing in the stock market. You will have daily ups and downs but you will be just fine as long as you can post a profit in the long run. Money management is a critical part of the long-term focus, which is discussed later on. 

Seek Professional Advice

So, why even pay for sports betting picks? Aren’t free picks good enough? If you are investing in the stock market, it’s always prudent to seek the help of an experienced professional to steer you the right direction. There is no practical way for a casual investor to have the level of expertise and access to research as a trained pro who does this for a living. It’s no different when it comes to sports betting.

The challenge for the investor (whether it’s the stocks or sports) is to figure out whose advice to seek. How can you trust the so-called “expert”? In largely unregulated markets like sports handicapping, finding the true experts can be as difficult as hitting that 15 game parlay. Needless to say, sports handicapping industry does not have a good reputation. For decades, the vast majority of the services were (and still are) nothing but marketing machines with no real experience in handicapping. They typically play with the bettors’ emotions to “Win Today!”, overpromise and severely under-deliver. They sell and buy customer data consistently in search for their next prey. Here today, gone tomorrow.

When we launched our public site after 17 years of working with private clients in 2012, we vowed to be the complete opposite of what a traditional handicapping service has been:

  • 100% transparent.
  • Industry best and unique methodology that combines the most intelligent life-like simulations with the opinions of seasoned Vegas experts.
  • No selling or sharing your data
  • Always available first class customer service.
  • No upselling. All members get exactly the same sports betting picks for all sports.
  • Very affordable membership rates that enable even the smallest unit player to easily become a member.
  • Most importantly, consistent winning picks for the long term.

You can see a very detailed comparison of vs. other services in Why are We Different

Unlike other services that promise you the world only to disappoint, we actually want you to be happy with us we so that you stick around. The only way to accomplish is to make sure that we align our goals exactly with yours. To this end, we made the decision to not accept any partnerships with absolutely anyone. Do you know how most services actually make money? When you lose! Yes, you didn’t hear it wrong. Most services partner with sportsbooks and online casinos. Being in complete conflict of interest with their members, they make a commission out of your losses! Isn’t that just incredible? The more you lose, the more they make.

Clearly, you should in no way trust a service that makes money out of your losses. 100% of our revenue comes from our members. You win, we win. This must be making sense to more and more people around the world as 92% of our clients that subscribe to our service for at least 3 months end up resigning for a longer period. This is by far the highest customer loyalty rate in the industry.

Money management is an important part of getting the best out of sports betting picks

Money management

It’s your money so we are not going to dictate how you should spend it but we will share with you what we found to be the only consistent way to post profits betting in sports: manage your bankroll wisely!
If you are a very casual bettor and enjoy making an occasional bet to make it interesting, by all means, that’s totally up to you. As long as you see that as entertainment and can afford to lose, knock yourself out. Just now that your odds are as good as 50/50 for any given game. If you are seeing sports betting as an actual long-term investment method –which we highly recommend that you do- then you have no alternative but to carefully manage your bankroll.

Here are some basic guidelines for sports betting picks:

  • The average amount you bet on one game should be 1-3% of your bankroll.
  • Under no circumstances, you should exceed betting 5% of your bankroll on a single game.
  • Don’t chase! We understand, it feels horrible to lose and the first natural instinct is to chase your losses by doubling up on the following games. Do not do this. We have seen tremendous bankrolls vanish very quickly by the bad decisions caused by chasing. If you limit your bet sizes, even a very bad day will only be a small speed bump.
  • Don’t double up after wins. This is the complete opposite of chasing where you feel so confident with your recent wins you start increasing your unit size to dangerous amounts. Keep your discipline no matter what and think like a pro. Don’t give away your hard earned winnings easily.

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