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Latest Blog Posts

  • IntPicks Blog
    We are up to week six of the NFL season now, and while some teams are living up to expectations (Packers, Falcons) and other are exceeding them (Eagles, Chiefs) there are still plenty of teams out there who have not lived up to the pre-season hype. And no, we are not talking about the Browns, simply because even though they have been incredibly disappointing, it is hard to see ANYTHING that could jump-start their season at this stage. That goes for San Francisco and the stunningly bad Giants too, whose coach must surely now be sitting on the hottest of [Read More]
  • Sports Betting News
    Making NFL picks is not easy at the best of times, as anyone who has ever tried will happily let you know. While a lot of people believe they can pick NFL games, the reality is often a little different when the results go under the microscope. And that goes double for a season like the one we’ve had so far, when we have had some of the biggest shocks that you can imagine take place already.  The New York Times has called it “a wildly unpredictable start to the N.F.L. season”. Those sentiments were echoed by the Sporting News which [Read More]
  • The NFL Loser’s Club
    IntPicks Blog

    The NFL Loser’s Club

    September 21, 2017 0
    Two games in the books, and already we are starting to see signs as to which teams are likely to make a run at the post-season, and which are going to struggle. Of course it’s still ridiculously early in the season, but we’ve seen enough already to count a couple of teams out for the year. After week 2 eight teams are still winless; let’s take a look at which of these are likely to struggle and which can bounce back. Jets: Okay, we saw this coming. It looks like being a long, hard season in Jersey for the fans [Read More]
  • NFL Picks and money
    IntPicks Blog
    When you go searching for NFL picks online, you are entering an uncertain world. Certainly, it is not difficult to find self-proclaimed expert picks on all corners of the web. However, finding true expert NFL picks is another matter entirely. After all, it takes little more than a basic knowledge of how to set up a website – or even just a facebook page in some cases – and your Jim-Bob from down the street can set himself up as an NFL picks expert. How are you to know any different? Predicting the Unpredictable Let’s face it, making NFL picks [Read More]
  • Monday Match Ups
    IntPicks Blog

    Monday Match-ups

    September 7, 2017 0
    New Orleans Saints @ Minnesota Vikings – 7:10 PM ET Adrian Peterson returning to Minnesota after a somewhat acrimonious departure is probably the most interesting aspect of this game. The hard-running back has been with the Vikes since 2007, but Peterson was still quoted as saying that ‘I can’t wait to stick it to the Vikings’, meaning that this match-up is going to make for an exciting view. This looks like being an extremely physical game either way, with both teams out to make a good start to the season. It will be the first time that the Vikings D will [Read More]

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