about-us-intpicksIntelligence Based Sports Handicapping

IntPicks.com was founded by a Mensa member who is fascinated by the science of sports handicapping and made a career in forecasting business trends in various industries.

The company was being operated as a private service provider to a select number of clients from 1995 to 2011. We decided to establish IntPicks.com back in 2008, worked on refining our methodology to adjust to a larger number of picks a site like this will require, hired the best talent we can find and relentlessly tested our process over and over for about 3 years. We started our official website operations and opened our doors to masses at the beginning of the 2012-13 Football season. Every single pick we released since late August 2012 is transparently displayed on our records page.

Our popularity grew worldwide as the word got around. In order to better service thousands of members from over 150 countries, we spent months completely redesigning our site and our database but most importantly also revamped our already industry best black box. IntPicks 2.0 was launched in March 2014 and produced an unprecedented 75% run in College Basketball to finish the season with an all-time industry record 70-23. IntPicks 2.0 continued to build our members’ bankrolls with 59%+ win rates across all sports.

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We introduced IntPicks 3.0 in late June 2015. IntPicks 3.0 features the most accurate sports handicapping Artificial Intelligence core. The new A.I. enhances itself after each game is played to continuously learn and improve. The number of simulations was also increased to 50,000 with this update.

Our current process of picking consistent winners start out with compiling all available data points we possibly can, run at least 50,000 simulations for each game, identify the games where the bettor has an advantage with the given lines.

We don’t stop there. We have a team of seasoned handicapping experts around the country who “reality check” our initial picks and provide feedback.


The unique combination of realistic simulations that only get more accurate with every game played and the reality check by the most experienced Vegas industry veterans produces highly scientific and accurate recommendations that produce consistent, year-round winners.

The results speak for themselves!

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