Sports Prediction: The Art

Sports Prediction Art

Predicting sports results is easy! After all each one of us does it every time we talk about a game with our buddies. The only difficult part of making sports predictions is getting them right!

Everyone is a Sports Prediction Expert

When it comes to sports predictions, everyone is an expert. Sometimes it seems like everybody has the inside-track on who’s going to do what. Especially after a couple of beers! However, it’s just not that easy – otherwise everyone would be making money out of sports picks. Of course that’s not the way it works, which is why an organization like IntPicks is around to offer truly valuable sports predictions to its members.

Beware of Fake Sports Prediction Gurus

There is a whole host of experts out there, each claiming superior knowledge in their chosen sport. Just do a quick internet search and you’ll find dozens of these so-called sports gurus clamoring for your attention. But despite the big claims, there are a lot of things missing from their claims to be sporting-savants. For one thing, your average guru only likes to talk about his good calls; the bad ones get swept under the carpet. IntPicks publishes all of its results, wins and losses, as we don’t claim to be infallible. We just claim to pick more right than wrong over time, and can show our long-term record of profit to back that up.

Mr Sports Guru also tends to rely on hunches and intuition a lot more than is liable to be good for your wallet. That can do well in the short term, but for the long-term coin-flips are more accurate. We use 50,000+ simulations of each and every game, and after that we bring in our industry vets for a ‘reality check’. Statistics and cold hard logic beat hunches every time.

Our Sports Prediction Record

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