Who Can Compete With The Jets in The Scam for Sam?

Jets Stadium

The New York Jets have laid out their stall early this year. Releasing veteran talents and not even attempting to replace them with anything resembling the same quality seems to show a certain lack of intent for the season to come. Fans of the Gang Green are pretty much resigned to their fate, and will be concentrating all their efforts on their fantasy teams and/or rooting against the Bills/Pats/Giants. With Paxton Lynch and Bryce Petty both looking dismal behind center, there is certainly room for a first round pick like Sam Darnold to come into the picture. The offensive line is something of a patch-job as well, meaning that the current incumbents won’t be expecting a whole lot of protection. While the D-line is pretty solid, that’s about as good as it gets for the Jets this year.

So which teams – if any – could possibly finish up the season with a worse record than the Jets and steal that number one draft pick from under their noses? It’s gonna be tough, but there are a couple of outfits which just might put up a fight.

Not the Usual Suspects!

For once, Cleveland is not going to be one of them. Not if the pre-season is anything to go by. They look to have found themselves a decent QB in DeShone Kizer and have made improvements all over the field. However, San Francisco are one team which still look to be a long way short of where they need to be. Since Jim Harbough left the building, the 49ers have been in disarray. At least the current management team has been promised a few years to deliver, but that’s not going to help a whole lot for the coming season. If Carlos Hyde can stay healthy it will help the offense to score some more points, but that is certainly not a given. The 49ers look like the biggest threats to New York in terms of sucking for Sam, but there are a few more teams that could flop big-time.


Grin and Bear It

The Chicago Bears have not impressed in pre-season, and the battle between Mike Glennon and Mitch Trubisky for the starting quarterback job is not one to get the pulses racing. While the defense is not too bad, offensively is where this team struggles. And when you’ve got Robbie Agueyo as kicker, even that department is far from a slam dunk. The Buffalo Bills are another outfit with a grim outlook this season. Their saving grace – if you can call it that – will be those two games against the Jets. If they somehow contrived to lose both of those, however, then they would be in prime position to claim the title of the worst team in football. Over in Indianapolis, the Colts have looked pretty awful in pre-season in the absence of Andrew Luck. With him they are competitive, but should he suffer any more setbacks and somehow have to sit out the season, then the Jets have got themselves a major rival over in Indy.

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