Finding the Best NFL Picks Online

NFL Picks and money

When you go searching for NFL picks online, you are entering an uncertain world. Certainly, it is not difficult to find self-proclaimed expert picks on all corners of the web. However, finding true expert NFL picks is another matter entirely. After all, it takes little more than a basic knowledge of how to set up a website – or even just a facebook page in some cases – and your Jim-Bob from down the street can set himself up as an NFL picks expert. How are you to know any different?

Predicting the Unpredictable

Let’s face it, making NFL picks is not as easy as it looks. How often have you tried to pick all 16 games of a given week? And how often have you got them all right? Sure, it’s no big surprise to see the Patriots whupping the ass of the Browns or Jets down in Boston, but a lot of the games are just too tight to call. That’s why we love the NFL after all, the chance for your team to go from zero to hero within a couple of years is one of the reasons we all keep watching. It is also one of the reasons why Jim-Bob’s expert NFL picks are not necessarily to be trusted. 

The Problem with Expert Picks

Even when the NFL picks are being made by a recognized figure from the sport: an ex-player or a journalist with 25 years of experience, they are wrong just as often as they are right. Pay attention to the picks for divisional titles and Superbowls, and fantasy league dead-certs, and see how many of them turn out to be busts in a couple of months’ time. The fact is that these ex-linebackers don’t have a forensic knowledge of the replacement left tackle from the Bengals, or how well the Lions kicking team has been functioning in pre-season. A lot of those 50-50 predictions will come down to a gut instinct, which is something we can all try for ourselves!

Free NFL Picks and Football

Free NFL Picks

The beauty of signing up with IntPicks is that we let computer software do the hard lifting. 50,000 simulations of how each and every game can pan out is a whole lot more reliable than Jim-Bob and his psychic gut. If you aren’t sure, then sign up to get your free daily pick sent to you by email every day, and with that you will also have access to all of our predictions. That means the ones that we were right about, as well as the ones we got wrong. Because, yep, even the computer is wrong sometimes, if it wasn’t then we may as well just pack up and shut down the NFL entirely! However, in the long run we are right more often than we’re wrong, and that’s why we offer the only expert NFL picks you need to follow.

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