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Best Sports Betting Picks on the Market

There are plenty of people who enjoy making a bet on the big game to add a touch of spice to proceedings. Picks are generally made based on gut instinct, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, at we are providing a service for clients who expect a successful return over the long-term, whether that is MLB, NBA or NFL picks. Since 2012 we are proud to be the number one sports prediction service for all major US sports, college, and pro, and unlike many of our competitors we can back that up with results which we have been publishing on our site. We have been giving away free picks every day.

How Does it Work?

We take the guesswork out of sports picks by using the latest technology to determine the outcome of games based on all available data. We run 50,000 simulations of every game, and then get the results ‘reality checked’ by our team of handicapping experts to ensure that we provide the best results. Whether you are looking for MLB picks to take you through the season or NFL picks for the weekend, we got you covered. We offer packages ranging from 3 days to 12 months covering all picks for all sports.

We are so confident about our product, that we are giving you a chance to take advantage of free picks for absolutely no commitment.

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Guess what? Sometimes there is such a thing as a free lunch. We stand behind our product and are proud of the success rate that we have achieved. Don’t take our word for it though: we offer a free pick delivered to your email every single day. Every day we will send you a free pick, according to the season and schedule. There are lots of ‘pro tipsters’ out there who rely on intuition and hunches to predict results. We prefer to rely on science and the 50,000 simulations of every game backed up with expert advice to come up with our predictions.

What’s the Catch?

Here is how it works: you enter your first name and your email address, and every day we will send you a different free pick. If you want to stop receiving the emails at any time, no problem. You will have access to our detailed record database which goes back to 2012. You will also be subscribed to our daily newsletter which features your daily free pick along with special discount codes. That’s it! If you want to stop receiving our emails then that’s not a problem. We don’t need your address or credit card information, no strings attached! If you want to invest in a member package later on then that’s great, if not you can just keep receiving your daily free picks and that’s just fine with us too!


There are a whole lot of reasons why stands out from the crowd when it comes to making sports prediction. Primarily it comes down to using the latest computer models to take account of every variable which could impact on the outcome of a game. We take this data and then find the optimal wager for our clients based on the application of technology along with the reality checks of our experts across the country. We don’t give crazy promises about 100% guarantees and locks, we just provide consistent winners, and we’ve been doing it for years. That’s why we have the highest long-term documented return in College Football, NFL, College Basketball, NBA and MLB picks. If you want to see for yourself you can just sign up for your daily free picks and take it from there.

Independent Sports Picks

Here’s one final thought to leave you with: We only win when You win. We don’t partner with any other services or sportsbooks, so the only way we make money is through member fees. And if we don’t provide consistent winners, then we won’t have any members! We don’t sell, share or rent your details, we are just concerned with providing long-term success based on our industry-leading sports prediction service.

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