NFL Teams Thay Need to Kickstart Their Seasons

We are up to week six of the NFL season now, and while some teams are living up to expectations (Packers, Falcons) and other are exceeding them (Eagles, Chiefs) there are still plenty of teams out there who have not lived up to the pre-season hype. And no, we are not talking about the Browns, simply because even though they have been incredibly disappointing, it is hard to see ANYTHING that could jump-start their season at this stage. That goes for San Francisco and the stunningly bad Giants too, whose coach must surely now be sitting on the hottest of hot seats.

Instead, we want to take a look at a couple of teams who are nearly, but not quite, where they promised to be about a third of the way through the season.

First one to consider is the Dallas Cowboys (2-3). Dak and Zeke stormed into the NFL last year like an express train, flattening all before them until they came up against that dreaded number 12 in Green Bay. Talk of Elliot’s suspension for off-field misbehavior has receded somewhat, and he has started to find his running groove in the past couple of weeks. Dez Bryant is still not quite up to his usual standards but the offensive line seems to be getting its act together. They’ve got a bye week to figure things out, before what looks like an easy visit to the 49ers.



Another team with a bye this week is the Seattle Seahawks. They are 3-2 and played well last time out versus the Rams, doing just enough to win. Russell Wilson is still one of the few truly elite QBs out there, but the running game is not firing on all cylinders just yet. Thomas Rawls gets injured a lot, and Eddie Lacey is just not stepping up to the mark yet. After the bye, Seattle have a nice easy trip to the Big Apple to take on the floundering Giants.


The Pittsburgh Steelers are a fixture in the post-season year after year, but things are just not going to plan this time out. Getting blasted by 30 points to 9 by the Jacksonville Jaguars was definitely not part of the plan, and after the game Big Ben was sounding a little bit dejected. Lev Bell is still on the roster, so if Roethlisberger can find that magic one more time, then this team is by no means down and out, particularly with a 3-2 record and being in one of the weaker divisions around. However, next up is a trip to the fearsome Kansas City Chiefs, which is far from the easy match-ups that the Seahawks and Cowboys are getting.

That Steelers Chiefs game at 4:25 ET looks like being one of the games of the weekend, and the way that this season has been going anything is possible. If you have been having a hard time with your NFL picks, then sign up with to get a free pick delivered to your mailbox every single day. With the best sports predictions in American sports, you need to sign up for free today to see what you’ve been missing out on.

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