Predicting The Unpredictable

Making NFL picks is not easy at the best of times, as anyone who has ever tried will happily let you know. While a lot of people believe they can pick NFL games, the reality is often a little different when the results go under the microscope. And that goes double for a season like the one we’ve had so far, when we have had some of the biggest shocks that you can imagine take place already.  The New York Times has called it “a wildly unpredictable start to the N.F.L. season”. Those sentiments were echoed by the Sporting News which said that a month into the season “the league has been predictably unpredictable”.

Keep on Winning

Keep on Winning

And yet despite that, your pals at are on a streak of 8 successful NFL picks out of the last 10*. Did you pick the Jets to win over Jacksonville? We had a Jets win +3.5 points (finished 20-23 Jets). The Giants at Tampa Bay was a tough one to call, but we were on the mark with Giants +3.5 (final score 23-25 Buccs). And if you want to talk about precision picks, let’s take a look at Monday Night Football match-up between the Chiefs and the Redskins. We picked that less than 49.5 points would be scored, and with a final score of 20-29 to Kansas we got it right on the money!

Transparent Results

You don’t have to take our word for it though, and in fact you would be foolish to! It’s easy to write articles claiming various fantastic predictions which came through, as everyone’s an expert with hindsight. That’s why you get so many people claiming to be NFL pick experts, when the truth is they ‘couldn’t pick a jack-rabbit out of a herd of turtles’ (to quote Grandpa from the Munsters!) The difference with is that we are totally transparent about our results – wins and losses. Take the two losses out of the last ten games, for example. Seattle stepped on the gas and turned a close game into a blow-out, so that was the end of our Colts +13 call. The other one was a squeaker: we had the Charges +2 versus the Eagles, and it finished 26-24 Eagles. 

NFL Picks on iPad

Best NFL Picks

We don’t hide any of our results, because we don’t have to. All of our historical picks for the NFL, college football, NBA and MLB are available for you to check on our website. To gain access, just sign up for a free daily pick to be delivered to you by email every single day, and you’ll also get to check out all of our past results. Right now we’re running a profit of 260 based on the NFL season to date, with 63% of our 2 star picks on the money. We use a combination of computer programming power and industry veterans to get you the best picks on the market. Even when an NFL season kicks off as crazily as this one!



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