Here are today's Sports Picks:

5 CFB PICKS FOR 2017-08-26

Today's CFB games are as follows: (Table will be updated once the games are played)

Oregon St @ CSU - 1 star CFB Pick

Portland St @ BYU - 3 star CFB Pick

Hawaii @ U Mass - 2 star CFB Pick

USF @ San Jose St - 2 star CFB Pick

Rice @ Stanford - 1 star CFB Pick

DateAwayHomePickFinal ScoreStarResultRiskWinnings
2017-08-26Oregon StCSUOver 6127-581W110100
2017-08-26Portland StBYUBYU-336-203L330-330
2017-08-26HawaiiU MassOver 6138-352W220200
2017-08-26USFSan Jose StUSF-2142-222L220-220
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