The Kaepernick Situation

Kapernick looking sad

During the quiet months of June and July, it is incumbent upon sports writers to keep churning out material to keep an NFL-hungry public sated. While this is often an onerous task, there is generally at least one story which can provide enough meat on the bone to carry through the most soporific periods of the off-season. This year, one Colin Kaepernick has single-handedly given assorted NFL columnists and bloggers more than enough to write about, simply by doing nothing.

Indeed, it has been some time since a man doing nothing for long periods of time has provoked such interest in the wider media. Even regular opinion piece writers are getting in on the action. All because nobody seems to want to give Mr Kaepernick a job in the NFL. As the regular season approaches, all those confident assertions that he’ll get a job as a back-up somewhere are growing less confident.

Is Kapernick Not a Good Player?

Over the course of his career, Kaepernick has thrown for 12,271 which include 72 touchdown passes and being picked off 30 times. Add to that 2,300 rushing yards and 13 rushing TDs. Last season he finished 6th overall  in lowest interception percentages. Based on stats alone he is better than about half of the current back-ups in the NFL, never mind the third string QBs. There are 32 teams in the NFL which means there are 96 professional quarterback jobs on offer in the United States. Everybody and his uncle knows that Kaepernick is better than the 97th best QB in the nation.

Kaepernick Kneeling during the national anthem


The Rumors Reason Behind The Situation

But nobody has hired him. Not yet at least. The Seahawks and the Ravens have had a good close look, but nobody has pulled the trigger. He knelt down during the national anthem last year, and it is getting harder to suggest that this is not a factor. In a league where your social media following counts for something when contracts come around for renewal, Kaepernick brings a lot of negatives. There are fan-bases who will not react well to his hiring, or at least that is the fear at ownership level. So he waits.

Rumors in certain sections of the press not exactly disposed to Kaepernick’s cause would have you believe that he has already received and turned down an offer. These rumors have been vehemently denied by the Kap Camp, and you would be inclined to believe they are telling the truth. While there has been much talk of being ‘black-balled’ from the league, the situation doesn’t seem quite that drastic. While it does appear that some owners will never hire Kaepernick due to their own feelings on his protest, for most it looks like fear of a fan reprisal is giving ownership cold feet. 

For now we wait to see how it all plays out, and we keep on adding to those column inches!

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