Why IntPicks.comIntPicks.comTypical Handicapping Service
Sports CoverageAll sports and leagues are included at no additional charge.Individual subscription is required for each sport and league
Upgrades/UpsellsAbsolutely no upselling. All members get the same best quality selections.There is always a "VIP" Package that you have to pay more to get.
Locks, Game of the Year, etc.No “locks,” and no senseless marketing. Just consistent winners.Frequent use of “locks” that are nothing but marketing gimmicks.
MethodologyThe most scientifically sound methodology in the industry. 20,000 life-like simulations for each game plus a reality check process by seasoned Vegas experts determines our picks.Mostly “intuition”. May involve coin flipping or consulting household pets.
PerformanceThe highest long-term documented return in College Football, NFL, College Basketball and NBA.Consistent long term losing performance (but you would never know because they either don’t post their past performance or make it up).
Your PrivacyWe never, ever, sell, rent or share your data. In fact, we will never call you unless you ask us to. Your privacy is our top concern.Your information is sold, rented, or shared with many, many times. Hence the never ending annoying calls, e-mails from some guy named Big Bubba in Vegas promising you the “lock for the night.”
Partnership/Revenue SourcesWe do not partner with any other services or sportsbooks. 100% of our revenue comes from our members. You win, we winMost services partner with other services or online sportsbooks. A good source of their revenue is profit sharing with sportsbooks. In other words, the more you lose, the more they make.
Money ManagementSound money management help designed for long-term positive return. 1-3 Star (unit) recommendation during the Football Season for profit optimization.Mostly no money management assistance. Unrealistically high occasional unit plays to make up for previous losses.
Customer Service24/7 highest quality customer service based in the U.S., manned by our actual experts.Very limited to virtually no customer service.
Business ReputationRegistered California LLC. Serving clients for nearly 20 years. Highest customer return rate of 92%.Here today, gone tomorrow. No corporate legitimacy or history.
CostPrice per pick is always under $3 with a just 30 day plan ($199) and lower with season-long plans. Even the longest year-long plan will always be under $1,500. No hidden costs, ever.Annual subscriptions can be easily in excess of $5,000 when the cost of plays for all sports and “upgrades” are accounted for, sometimes over $10,000. Hidden costs are common.
Payment OptionsInstallment options with no interest and no credit approval required, Bill me Later, all major credit cards and PayPal.Typically not flexible at all, 1 payment or nothing.
Release TimesSelections are released latest by 4 PM ET during the week and by 5 AM ET during the weekend. You will have at least 3 hours (usually much longer) before game time to ensure you get favorable lines.Many services wait until 1 hour before game time to release their picks.
Transparency of Record100% Transparent. All picks are displayed on the records pages, win or lose.Only a few recent wins are highlighted. No historical record is shown.

Why Are We Different?

There are many “professional” handicappers out there. The reality is most rely on intuition and basically nothing else for their recommendations.  The erratic record of almost all services that have been around for a while is a proof of the lack of sound methodology. And yet there are other services that provide recommendations purely based on statistical analysis and simulations. We are the only service that combines unparalleled data crunching, simulating the games 50,000 times with the actual players, including the factors like the motivation of the players, injuries, the venue and much more.  But we don’t stop there. The games where we identify the current line is to the bettors advantage are reality checked by our team of career Vegas sports handicapping experts. The only selections you get are the ones that can go through this vigorous process. Visit here for  a detailed Guide to IntPicks.com Visit here for a helpful article about How to Win in Sports Betting  

Our promise: We will never call you, try to up-sell you, or share your information

In fact, we are horrible salespeople. We just love the science of what we do and we are pretty darn good at it.